White Paper of Lollipop Farm

The sweetest candy ever on #Binance Smart Chain.

What is Lollipop?

Lollipop is a 100% decentralized multi-chain farm and a cross-chain bridge protocol on Binance Smart Chain. After the construction of Lollipop Bridge is finished, Lollipop protocol will inject one million USD liquidity as the initial liquidity, 500,000 USD liquidity of which is on Binance Smart Chain, and the other 500,000 USD liquidity on Ethereum. Lollipop Bridge will conduct 0.5% fee as the team’s financial support.


Decentralized Cross Chain Bridge — Users can deposit USDT, USDC and DAI into Lollipop bridge and receive the same amount of token on other chains.

Community Governance — Lollipop is owned by the community, not by the dev team or any individual. Lollipop is an 100% decentralized protocol, which means that the community decides everything. Every decision has to be approved by community vote.

Liquidity Farming — Lollipop farm need liquidity to stay active, so Lollipop farm will reward the liquidity provider with extra Lollipop token-LOP. The liquidity provider is the symbol of pump to the project, therefore the lollipop liquidity provider will be heavily rewarded.

What Else to expect?

Lollipop farm will support Metamask, Bitkeep, Token Pocket, Math Wallet, Wallet Connect, Trust Wallet.

LOP Use Case:

1. Vote for adding new farming pools.

2. Trade on Pancakeswap.

3. Vote for proposals for changing governance rules.

Total Supply and Allocation of LOP:

The total supply of LOP is 15 million. There will be no pre-sale or team reserve.

The initial supply will be 1 million LOP and 10000 BUSD.

Farming pools:

LOP/BUSD, LOP, BUSD, CAKE, BNB, USDT, BTCB, ETH will be Lollipop’s genesis farming pools. More farming pools will be brought to the protocol after community voting.

Fees and Charges:

Lollipop bridge charges 0.2% for every cross-chain transaction, the fee will be used as team’s financial support.

Security of Lollipop:

Lollipop has a complete security mechanism and a risk-control system to ensure the safety of users’ liquidity and cross-chain asset. The fund’s security means everything to the team and project. The project will remain open-source code. Lollipop’s initial liquidity will be locked on team finance for 30 days.